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My Favourite Super Bowl XLVI Ads Of 2012

It’s that moment we’ve all advertisers have been waiting for: a brief 5-minute break from the football game where advertisers pay a high price to get that hot spot they know millions will be watching.

Although I do not reside in the U.S. and was not one of those millions of live viewers to glimpse those short sunshine-bursts of creativity in between plays, but I did take the time to carefully analyze the ads online (thanks be to the Internet!).

I witnessed, as many of you, the return of Darth Vader, Bueller’s 2nd day off, the M&M strip show and many others, but only a select number have made the cut to the top.

Thus I present to you my list of top 10 Superbowl XLVI ads of 2012:

10. Doritos Sling Baby Super Bowl Commercial 2012

It seems that every year we all wait to see what Doritos has up their sleeves this time around, and they never fail to deliver… especially when really cute babies are involved.

YouTube Hits: 337,454

9. “Think Fast” — Official Big Game Ad for Hyundai Genesis Coupe Super Commercial

Hyundai gives you another reason to get your pulse going… even when it’s not.

YouTube Hits: 2,786,551

8. Official 2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial – “Matthew’s Day Off” Extended Version

Pretty clever, Bueller. Pretty clever.

YouTube Hits: 12,730,966

7. “Transactions” Extended Version – 2012 Acura NSX Big Game Ad #JerrysNSX

Leno may steal the car, but Seinfield steals the show.

YouTube Hits: 15,844,496

6. Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt Super Bowl 2012 Commercial – “The Tease”

Whoa – did not expect her to head-butt John Stamos (especially for a yogurt commercial). But it’s still pretty funny.

YouTube Hits: 932,104

5. Free to Pee EXTENDED – TaxACT Super Commercial 

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

YouTube Hits: 94,886

4. Flash Fans: 2012 Budweiser Official Big Game Commercial

It was brought to my attention that this flash mob strategy for an ad was created by Improv Everywhere in 2008 for a little league baseball time. However, I love the idea of capturing real-time emotions from a group of regular guys playing hockey caught completely by surprise.

This one left me grinning from cheek to cheek.

YouTube Hits: 2,236,401

3. M&M’s “Sexy and I Know it”

M&M commercials never cease to deliver, whether it’s for entertainment or to showcase their scrumptious (and now sexy) flavours. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a candy strip before, but it looks like it might give you a better time!

YouTube Hits: 1,080,721

2. FIAT 500 Abarth – 2012 Super Bowl Commercial – Seduction

“What are you looking at? Uh!? What are you looking at?! (slap) Are you undressing me with your eyes? Poor guy… you can’t help it? Is your heart beating? Is your head spinning? Do you feel lost thinking that I could be yours forever?”

I absolutely love the metaphor here – even though it’s not the best looking-car – but the guy’s reaction is priceless.

YouTube Hits: 3,673,990

1. The Dog Strikes Back: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial

This commercial made me smile not just because I’m an animal lover, but I love the determination and discipline in the dog’s character to transform to a new and improved player in the game (also note the metaphor to the new Volkswagen 2012).

You also can’t forget about the return of Darth Vader, who makes a cameo, so to speak, as a flashback to Volkswagen’s famous Super Bowl 2011 commercial (remember the little kid dressed up as Darth Vader who believed her had super powers?). That commercial has earned 50,484,398 hits on YouTube so far and was probably ranked one of the best ads of the Super Bowl last year as well, and it looks like Volkswagen may have done it again this year.

And doesn’t James Brown make you want to get up offa that thang too?

YouTube Hits: 6,086,723

… And I loved the teaser for the commercial too:

YouTube Hits: 12,820,594

Honourable Mentions

Although the following ads didn’t make my top 10 list for SuperBowl 2012, they still deserve some recognition for great effort:

Camry Effect: “Connections” :60 Big Game Commercial

Camry plays on your emotions to get you feeling a little bit closer to the things that matter in life. Did this one tug at your heart strings a little?

NEW E*TRADE Baby Game Day Commercial – Fatherhood

“Bobby! What are ya doin’ man?”

“I’m speed-dating!”


OK Go & Chevy Sonic- “Needing/Getting” Full Length Music Video (Super Bowl XLVI Commercial)

Not sure how OK Go did, but DAMN.

OFFICIAL David Beckham Bodywear for H&M Super Bowl Ad

David Beckham. ‘Nuff said.

“It’s Halftime in America” – Official Chrysler Commercial from 2012 NFL Championship Game

“People are out of work and they’re wondering what they’re going to do to make a comeback, and we’re all scared because this isn’t a game…”

Although sounding timeless and reverent to signify not only the game of football but the reality of life, this commercial has fuelled quite the controversy. Republicans are claiming the ad was a nod to Obama’s attempt to bailout the auto industry during the recession. Moreover, people have started the rumour that Clint Eastwood‘s placement in the Chrysler ad was a promo for Obama‘s re-election campaign, but it is in fact just a rumour.

And even more unnerving? It wasn’t in filmed in Detroit – it was shot in New Orleans and L.A… Awkward.

What were your favourite Super Bowl ads of 2012? I’d love to hear them!

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