Apple: A Case Study

“We must recognize that brands don’t belong to marketers. Brands belong to the customer… Successful brands embrace their customers by anticipating basic and spiritual human needs. Success creates magnetic brands—Cult Brands.”

– BJ Bueno, The Cult Branding Company

There are several individuals who tend to purchase specific kinds of products, including Mp3 players, computers, video games, DVD players and many other products of interest. People buy such products because of the special meaning or significance they believe those products and brand names carry for them. Oftentimes, support systems and communities with a shared interest will form around the brand image to encourage a sense of homophily, where like attracts like (while those who do not share this similar interest are excluded). A strong sense of solidarity and fraternity permeates the community and carries them to even higher levels of belonging.

Based on this shared sense of sorority between members of a brand community, I attempt to look at what point do supporters become apart of a brand cult within the well-renowned brand community known as Apple/Mac. What differentiates members of this cult from a support group? This research paper thus attempts to explore and determine the attitudes, thoughts and feelings with regards to the Apple/Mac brand. I am also interested in understanding the relationship between brand advocates and the Apple/Mac brand, including how they interact with other community members and outsiders.

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