Calling All Batman Fans!

If you’re a fan of the Batman, then you’re in for a treat (and possibly the largest hide-and-go-seek game… EVER).

Warner Brothers has released a new viral campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises” and has created a brand new trailer due for a July release. But in order to see the trailer, Batman-fans (or ‘Bat-fans’) need to help the Gotham City police investigation track Batman down through hundreds of graffiti pieces placed strategically around the world. Yes, you read that correctly – the world.

Batman is played as a felon and wanted for a kidnapping, assaulting police officers and being responsible for six deaths. But fans of the previous movie know that Batman is innocent and is only taking the heat from Harvey Dent/Two Face (am I right?). But to the police, Batman is “armed and dangerous.”

These graffiti pieces distributed around the globe are essentially leaks that help to reveal the trailer, one graffiti art work at a time. How? Police officers (aka you), help to unlock trailer frames by Tweeting or sending an email that act ( as “photographic evidence of graffiti related to any movement in support of the vigilante’s return.”

This is a great example of encouraging participation from a fan base on a global level (those metrics are going to be huge!), especially with the help of social media and the incredible power of technology today.

And isn’t this one of the most prized offerings of social networks like Twitter and Facebook? Not only is the entire world in on this mission to achieve a common goal in a clever and entertaining way, but the idea of mobilizing brand evangelists to ‘particpact’ (participate and act) with a brand is now the way of building relationships.

Good news for us – no more sitting on the sidelines. The brand-consumer relationship is thriving under a two-way street, with brands guiding us to unleash our creativity, but also allowing us to take the lead and tell more of our own story, how we want it to be heard. This is participaction at its finest.

May the hunt for the Batman begin!

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