Where Did I Go?

Yes, it’s been a while since I last wrote a post – 11 days to be exact – and that, for me, is too long. I apologize if I have left you in the dark, but I promise the news is really exciting…

You are now looking at reading the material of the new Social Media Planning Intern at Leo Burnett! It was one (among many) of the nicest calls I received on my birthday and I started last week!

Although it’s only been precisely four days I’ve worked at Leo, I am really pumped to learn and contribute to one of the best (ok ok, the best, am I right?) advertising agencies in the world. Can you tell I’m beaming?

For this reason, I unfortunately will not be able to write as frequently as I was able to for the last four months. *Sigh*

BUT. I do hope to write once a week. And to clarify, all material expressed will continue to be of my own. HOLLA!

Photo credit: http://www.leoburnett.com.my

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8 thoughts on “Where Did I Go?

  1. Justyna B says:

    WOOT!! Congrats on the new job Lisa!!!

  2. I guess you don’t have to appologise, at least not to me, since i’m 1st time on this blog, so i guess a congratz is on the way for you new job?! or what it is that you are doing 🙂 I wish you all the best, and look forward to new blogs of yours. Now i bid you a warm goodbye

    • lbyers01 says:

      Well thanks for visiting my blog thematthretroy, and welcome! I’m doing a social media planning internship and I get to work on pretty cool accounts! Looking forward to having you read my posts and hopefully contributing your ideas! 🙂

  3. Congratulations for the new job! You deserve it 🙂

  4. Wooty says:

    This is awesome! So excited for you my talented and wonderful friend!

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