Perry’s “Oops” Moment An Opportunity?

Wednesday night’s presidential debate definitely encouraged a lot of flack and media backlash, after the Texan-born Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry admitted “he stepped in it” when his mind went blank about the third agency of government he wants to modify: the Department of Energy.

Oops indeed!

But this Texas Republican boy ain’t stopping any time soon. In fact, his marketing team is playing up his television mishap and adding his forgetful moment to their campaign. On Perry’s website, the big question that appears under the navigation bar is What part of the Federal Government would you like to forget about the most? Click here to vote!

Personally, I think it’s somewhat funny that this slight hiccup is now part of his tactics to earn back the respect of supporters, but more importantly, laugh alongside his opponents. I think the right thing to do is be honest about mistakes and laugh at yourself afterwards. From a PR perspective, the more you avoid or lie about something, the bigger it gets. At least these efforts will attempt to downplay what happened at the debate… hopefully.

What do you think about Perry’s television “oops” moment? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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